Differences between Upright Vacuums and Canister Vacuums

Are you wondering if you should choose to buy upright vacuums or canister vacuums and which kind of vacuums are the most worth buying for these two? If so, this post may help you partly because it will show the differences between the two devices, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each type so you can make a precise shopping choice. This post also gives you the most purchased and top best-rated vacuum cleaners on the market as additional information for you.

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1. Designs

In terms of design, the shape of upright vacuum cleaners has the advantage of storage since it has a vertical form and does not take up much space. Meanwhile, canister vacuums make it difficult to store because the design takes up a large area, plus add-on cleaning tools such as crevice and upholstery tools will make you a headache in storing it.

Upright vacuums are easy to maneuver so that you will feel effortless after doing housework while if your vacuum is canister type, your back will be tired as it is imperative that you bend over the entire cleaning process.

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The downside of the upright design is its weight. Most upright vacuums weigh up to 20 pounds, making them difficult to help with vacuuming stairs or narrow corners in the house. But one good thing is, many top vacuum cleaner brands understand that problem therefore, they have also launched lightweight upright vacuum cleaners which are just under 10 pounds. Of course, there will be some characteristics that cannot be compared with the more massive ones.

Canister vacuums’ design although lighter than the original type of upright vacuum cleaners, however, you need to drag it behind you when cleaning. With the two-piece design, canister vacuums’ weakness is that it's cumbersome when you need to handle both parts of the machine.

2. Noise

If you are a noise-hater, then you should opt for canister vacuums instead of upright vacuums. Because there is a larger room for noise isolation within the canister vacuum cleaners, they seem to help block annoying sound compared to upright vacuums.


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3. Features

If your house is covered with thick carpets, you absolutely cannot miss upright vacuums. And if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner to sweep hardwood floors, canister vacuums are the type to consider.

It will be harder for upright vacuum cleaners to vacuum small corners of the house, but today's top-rated vacuums often come with additional attachments such as crevice tool, upholstery tool, etc. that help advance these small disadvantages.

4. Price

Even though they may seem larger in size, upright vacuums are generally more affordable than canister vacuum cleaners. Some small size upright vacuums that are lighter in weight are even cheaper that can please people who don’t have much budget for cleaning machines.

But you should also know that the price goes hand in hand with the quality, therefore, remember to make the best choice for your own situation. There are many affordable vacuums on the good vacuum cleaners list.

Housework is needed to keep your house clean and tidy. Choosing a perfect vacuum cleaner from many Top rated vacuum cleaners for yourself will save you more time and effort in the process of cleaning your beloved home. So be careful and meticulous. I hope this post can help you with the selection process.